Friday, March 31, 2006

Thursday, 3.30.06

Toast with butter. The bread was a nice multigrain, made in the Laurel Highlands.
Plain yogurt with blackberries, half a banana, and honey drizzled on top
Kenya AA coffee...2 cups. Not as acidic as the last time I made it; probably b/c I didn't make it as strong as the other day that I drank it. I believe I may have a tendency to make coffee too strong. I normally like it, so it doesn't hurt anyone, right?

1 plum.

Drinks at The William Penn Tavern:
2 Red Hook ESBs
Onion rings

Dinner at Tessaro's:
1 Penn Pilsner
Hamburger, medium with bacon and crumbly blue cheese. Also, onions and lettuce, and a bit of ketchup. Side of home fries. This place serves very good hamburgers; I think I erred by overwhelming the burger taste with the blue cheese. Next time, just cheddar.

Further drinks at the Harris Grille:
1 Sierra Nevada IPA

Even more drinks at the Pittsburgh Deli Company:
1 Red Hook Nut Brown Ale
1 Yeungling
1 Wolaver's India Pale Ale

Home, for water and toast.


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I like that I can ID most of the food reporters after one item.

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