Sunday, April 23, 2006

23 IV 06, Sunday

3 cups coffee
2 fried eggs (overeasy)
2 slices of toast with butter

1 orange

Black beans and rice, with diced tomatoes, chopped carrots & celery
1 Wolaver's IPA

Sorry about not posting the past few days...the tedium of re-visiting my dull meals over the past few days is way too much to handle.


Blogger Jack said...

Where do you get your oranges for lunch, typically? Home, you got them from the grocer? Elsewhere, a lunch counter or some such? Have you researched privately acquiring a bottle of orange syrup to add to your coffee?

(PS: words that look funny under scrutiny: "typically.")

1:57 AM  
Blogger MMW said...

I just get the oranges from the supermarket (Whole Foods). When I lived in the North End, I did, I suppose, get oranges from a real greengrocer.

I'm also not overly fond of flavored syrups in coffees, though in my hot youth I oddly found the idea of adding flavored syrup to coffee sophisticated and not a little romantic. Yet I never took the step to actualy do it, even when I was a budding young sophisticate attending a 3rd tier prep school in Jacksonville, Florida.

Should I try orange-flavored syrup to add to my coffee?

4:16 AM  

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