Sunday, April 30, 2006

29 IV 06, Saturday

2 eggs, over easy, with some Frank's Red Hot
2 slices of toast, whole grain
1 tumbler of orange juice

I went off coffee today as I overdid it on Friday and was feeling an unpleasant tightness in my chest. I did later have some jasmine green tea from Caribou Coffee. It was OK.

1 PB&J on whole grain -- strawberry jam and chunky peanut butter
1 orange

3 glasses of a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. I am not sure what vineyard; it was pretty good, I guess.
some bread with olive oil
1 99 cent size bag of Cape Cod Robust Russet potato chips

2 Red Hook ESBs at the Heinz Lofts
Thence to the Church Brewworks. This is an old Catholic Church (Romanesque) in Lawrenceville that was converted into a brewery/restaurant. It's OK...the dining space is actually a bit cavernous and echo-y. The beers and food were fine. I had
1 dunkel dark lager (eh)
1 house IPA (better)
Pulled pork sandwich (enormous!) on a pumpernickel (yes, I know!) roll. It was really too big, and too much. It came with french fries.
I also had a bite of the Southwestern Pizza of one of my dining companions. Not bad.

Then it was home and to bed, as I was feeling a bit unwell, I think from allergies.


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