Friday, April 28, 2006

Fuck you Thursday

surprisingly, my usual yogurt dish
1.5 cups coffee

3 spaten something-or-other beers, consumed at Mad Mex
1 PB&J
1 royal gala apple
1 small Tanzanian Peaberry from Crazy Mocha

1 bag of Cape Cod Beachside Barbecue chips (the 99 cent size)
consumed while reading an article titled "In the Franklin Factory" by Jack Hitt, which was found in a recent delivery from the good people at Abebooks titled Quick Studies: The Best of Lingua Franca. Shamefully, I did purchase this book after reading Ron "Mo-Ron" Rosenbaum's article about LF in the New York Observer. This article was pretty good, and seems to be a cut above most of the other articles included which are about obscure feuds over long-forgotten cultural studies controversies in the 1990s. Which is not to say the book as a whole is bad.

1 bowl of Adobo Black Bean soup
a few slices of tuscan loaf with butter

Drinks at Doc's, on the deck
1 sierra nevada india pale ale.

Thence home, as I was feeling moody and tetchy.


Blogger Jack said...

Drei Spaten? Verdammt!

6:38 AM  

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