Saturday, April 22, 2006

Not Blind Anymore (4/21/06)

I'm back.

Scrambled eggs

A bit of leftover Mista salad from Pomodoro

Vodka and San Pellegrino Limonade (?)

At Xi'an [Gentlemen's Dinner, the Sequel]
(deep breath)
Ketel One and soda

Shrimp toast
Foil-wrapped something or other
Szechuan wontons
Calamari salad
Steamed rice
Chicken fried rice
Charbroiled miso black cod
Bok choy with sesame seeds
Part of a giant crab
Lemon chicken
Orange chicken
Some other chicken (somewhat spicy)
Crackerjack shrimp

Too much of two different makeshift "Scorpion Bowls" (The waiter did not know what Deegs was talking about, so he improvised and mixed some crap in bowls. Included some amount of 151 which was lit on fire.)

Then I went home and played hockey with Deegs, dak, Etten, and a bloody Matey Kirshner.


Blogger SC said...

welcome back. good to have you. did you eat anything funny by accident when you were blind?

10:36 AM  

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