Thursday, May 25, 2006


lunch, Chan Dara, Larchmont:
spicy stir-fry luncheon
- ginger & black mushrooms with chicken
- brown rice
- some of KCE's fried rice
- a crispy Thai eggroll
- Thai iced coffee
We went to Chan Dara, home of the famously hot waitresses, after Koh failed to convince us to go to Clifton's, a forest-themed cafeteria near the Staples Ctr. He claimed SC knew about this place. SC, thoughts?

- 1 bowl Frosted Mini Wheats: Strawberry Delight w/skim

- 1/2 Maiale brasato from La Bottega (leftover)
1 can Diet Hansen's Strawberry-Kiwi soda

- low-fat Wheat Thins with 1 oz. goat cheese
- handfuls of roasted almonds


Blogger SC said...

you did well. Clifton's is interesting historically, not food-ily.

7:30 PM  

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