Monday, May 29, 2006

Cleveland, OH, 05/26 - 05/28

breakfast, Cinnabon, LAX:
- 2/3 of a Cinnabon bun
Never again.

lunch, compliments of Continental Airlines:
- 1 beef and swiss sub
- 1 wilty salad
- Diet Coke

dinner, Elyria, OH:
traditional vegetarian Gujarati feast
Items were unlabeled. Piecing together from memory:
- Basmati rice
- curry with chickpeas
- assorted spicy chips
- bread like naan, but called something else that started with a "p"
- pickled mangoes (looked and sort of smelled like kimchee, but tasted very different and had a spiciness unlike any I've tasted before; not crazy hot for me, but very interesting.)
- 3 different baklava type desserts
- other things (sorry, FRs, but I didn't have the means to take notes)

later at the hotel:
- a bite of grilled cheese & some fries w/ketchup

lunch, at hotel cafe:
- grilled portobello sandwich
- french fries w/ketchup

Another vegetarian Gujarati feast. This time I took a picture of my plate.

- the round thing was a dessert that tasted like a donut hole that had been soaked in sugar water and honey
- curried black beans with lentils
- palak paneer, I think (spinach curry w/cheese)
- basmati rice
- aloo gobi, I think
- yogurt sauce
- pickled mangoes
- bread like naan, but not naan
- several glasses Chardonnay
- coffee w/cream and sugar
- pistachio ice cream

- bites of grilled cheese & some fries

- coffee
- oj

- naan
- Basmati rice
- aloo gobi
- shredded gingered carrots
- other things

1st dinner:
- 6 pieces Chicken McNuggets
- french fries
- can of ginger ale

- mini vegetable spring roll
- spinach and cheese canape
- 2 mini pastry puffs stuffed with mushrooms and walnut
- 2 glasses Chardonnay

- mixed greens salad with strawberries and lemongrass dressing
- 1 roll with butter
- basmati rice
- palak paneer
- curried black beans and lentils?
- aloo gobi
- Chinese-style stir fried vegetables
- slice of roasted chicken breast
- other things?
- several glasses Chardonnay
- 1 chocolate cupcake


Blogger SC said...

how did He-Hubbs manage?

5:54 PM  
Blogger she-hubbs said...

First two Indian feasts were too spicy for He. Hence the late night grilled cheeses and fries. Third night was not as spicy and very much enjoyed.

10:14 PM  

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