Monday, May 29, 2006

Guest Omnigust 5/24-28

Wednesday 5/24
- 1 ultimate man multivitamin
- 1 SAMe
- 1 iced double espresso with milk
- yogurt with granola, strawberry, almond slices, and honey

- 1 slice cheese pizza (**)
- 1 slice mushroom pizza (**)
- 1 coke

Dinner and after
- 2 Czechvar beer
- 2 burritos with beans, cheese, salsa, and spinach, on whole wheat (**)
- 1 Trader Joe's frozen peach slice
- 1 grapefruit

Thursday 5/25
- coffee with milk

- leftover rice and beans
- banana, acai, and coconut milk smoothie from Pure Food & Wine

- 2 glasses Campole Alois Aglianico
Cheese Plate (***)
- parmigiano reggiano
- coach triple creme (soft goat cheese with consistency of butter, delicious)
- fagagna (like an italian manchego)
- three toppings: sour cherries, truffled honey, apricot with chili flakes
- bread

Dirty Bird to Go
- 5 pieces free-range chicken tenders with sweet/spicy/horseradishy honey sauce (**)

- 1 cup red wine ("light and fruity" -- bad)
- 1 Grolsch
- 1 orange Tootsie Pop

- 1 acai, passion fruit Odwalla
- 1 Tom Kite

Friday 5/26
- 1 iced double espresso with milk

- 1/2 corn muffin

After-Work and Dinner
- 4 rosemary sourdough slices with homemade tahini sauce and arugula
- 1 glass Cairnbrae 2005 Sauvignon Blanc (NZ)
- 2 Czechvar beer
- mustard greens sauteed with cumin, paprika and garlic (**)
- white beans sauteed with green olives and tarragon and feta cheese (**)
- more of the rosemary loaf

Saturday 5/27
- double iced espresso with soy milk

Brunch at Li'l Frankie's
- Green Eggs & Ham (poached egg, pesto, english muffin), arugula, rosemary fried potatoes (usually ***, but this time, only **)
- 1 bloody mary
- applewood smoked bacon

- Soy to the World smoothie at Liquiteria

- 3 slices rosemary bread and tahini

- salmon with butter and tarragon combined with...
- white beans and mustard greens (from the night before) (***)
- 2 glasses Cairnbrae 2005 Sauvignon Blanc
- Ciao Bella fresh mint gelato (awesome mint taste)
- Humboldt organic strawberry ice cream (pretty good, custardy taste)

Sunday 5/28
- iced double espresso with soy milk
- 3 farmer's market eggs (scrambled)

- homemade iced green tea with lime

Wave Hill
Wave hill is a beautiful garden and estate in Riverdale, The Bronx

- beef wrap with manchego and lettuce
- greek salad (feta, stuffed grape leaves, grape tomatoes)
- gazpacho
- homemade marshmallow dipped in caramel (this is a great snack)

- Lemonade

Back at home for dinner
- manchego slices with Wave Hill honey (the manchego had gotten a bit hard, unfortunately, but the honey was delicious)
- 3 glasses 2004 Le Viognier du Pesquie
- remainder of salmon salad with beans and arugula (***: even better than last night)

- 1 large Delerium Tremens bottle
- Peach/Strawberry crumble with homemade granola
- Humboldt organic vanilla ice cream
- 1 Trader Joe's turkey sausage stromboli
- 1 frozen peach slice


Blogger Jack said...

When are those bums at Discovery Wines going to get Peirano Viognier back in stock?

8:55 PM  
Blogger danooowms said...

Or *anything* from Thierry Puzelat? Jesus! Usually about half the computers don't work, either. I just can't count on Discovery anymore. The new Astor place store blows it away. Union Square Wine is also opening its new store today -- I will report later with my findings. I'm guessing ti will be too expensive, just like the old Union Square Wine.

9:29 AM  
Blogger Jack said...

Is the new Astor store the one down Lafayette and not on Astor at all? Not that I begrudge them the name, if there's one extremely short street in Manhattan that I associate with warehouse style wine and liquor stores, it's Astor Place.

12:16 PM  
Blogger danooowms said...

The Lafayette and Fourth St Astor is that Astor indeed. Though I'm sure it now simply refers to John Jacob instead of his family Place. A recursively vestigial relationship, or vice versa. The New USQ Wines was exactly as expected. I've got to say I called it. Had a great wine from Astor last night -- will blog about it presently.

1:23 PM  

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