Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Guest Omnigust ("Omega"): 5/29-30

Monday 5/29
- iced double espresso with soy milk
- 1 Ultimate Man multivitamin
- 1 SAMe

Katz's Delicatessen
- Katz's pastrami on rye with mustard, Katz's pickles (**** Whoo boy! This was one of the last things I still wanted to do in New York that I hadn't already done, and Memorial Day seemed like the right time to do it. The pastrami was very thick, savory, and delicious -- like marinated corned beef infused with bacon. The sandwich is piled high, though not high enough to keep me from easily eating it all in one sitting. The mustard is critical, its vinegar cuts through the richness of the meat and keeps it from overwhelming the palate. The surprisingly mild pickles were a good digestive, and tasted pleasantly like cucumber, with just a bit of spice and heat. I don't know if the sandwich was worth the $15 price tag, but it was definitely satisfying and a necessary part of any meat eater's time in the city.)
- iced green tea with mint

- lemonade from Juicy Lucy

Dinner and after
- Composed Salad with avocado, boston lettuce, bulgur salad, tomatoes, mixed olives, and farmstead raw cheddar (**)
- remainder of the ice cream from the freezer: Humboldt strawberry and vanilla, and Ciao Bella fresh mint
- 3 frozen peach slices
- 3 slices farmhouse feta

Tuesday 5/30
- iced double espresso with soy milk
- 1 Ultimate Man multivitamin
- 1 SAMe

- leftover bulgur salad with hummus and fresh avocado
- Boylan's root beer
- 2 chocolate chip cookies that someone brought into the office

A delicious dinner
- rotini with fresh peas and zucchini, chili sauce, and parmesan (*** frangrit hit a home run with this one. The peas from the Greenmarket has perfect consistency and vegetal taste. The zucchini was shredded and oozed into the ridges of the rotini. The chili sauce (the red, garlicky asian "cock sauce") made the whole dish sing, and the parmesan gave it a nice salty bite. So good!)
- 1/2 bottle Patapon red Pineau d'aunis (now this is a nice wine! Slightly bubbly unfiltered Loire red, with a nose and taste a bit like Gamay (a little barny). It had a nice sweetness and lightness (not too fruity or tannic), but got deeper and more interesting as it aerated. Really delicious, about $15, and fun to drink.)

- premade Apple Brown Betty, given as a gift, provenance unknown
- 3 slices farmstead feta

That ends my week on Foodreporter. Blogging started out boring but got more interesting as the week progressed. Thank you for the opportunity. A bientot, friends! I leave New York on June 17, but may see some of you this summer, in Cambridge, before I leave the east coast for good at the end of July. May fortune smile on you all!


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