Saturday, June 03, 2006


lunch, Cafe du Village, Larchmont:
- 1/2 vegetarian breakfast burrito
- some home fries w/ketchup & hot sauce
- 2 slices wheat toast
- 1 piece of ham & cheese quesadilla
- Diet Coke
A rare but serious miss for CduV. Home fries were wet, burrito was totally average, and a gross bug crawling on the wall made me completely lose my appetite. A girl whom He-H recognized from "The Office" also was eating there.

1st dinner:
- tuna sandwich (similar to 06/01, but not grill-pressed)

2nd dinner:
- 1 Morningstar Farms veggie hot dog w/bun and ketchup
- side of broccoli puree

- 3 glasses Vinho Verde
I don't feel compelled to drink VV again. It had a cool Mt. Dew-like color, but a strange vinegary aftertaste. It may have been just an unlucky $6.99 bottle, but guess what similarly-priced bottle from World Market didn't taste like vinegar? The '06 megahit, Viognier.


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