Monday, June 05, 2006


- tuna sandwich
- broccoli puree

Dustin & Merete's pool party:
- little thimbles sciue' sciue'
I made this Giada recipe. "Sciue' sciue'" apparently means "improvisation." I, on the other hand, followed GDL's instructions by the book: ditalini pasta (little thimbles) tossed with mozarella, basil, and vine ripe tomatoes sauteed in EVOO & garlic. Tasted better hot off the pan, but it sat around at room temp for a while and paled in comparison to the food Dustin made.
- 2 pieces roasted pork with creamy mushroom sauce
- potato salad
- caesar salad
- 1 burger with tomato and ketchup
- 1 Corona
- 1 Tecate


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