Sunday, June 04, 2006

2 Much 2 Process 06/03

- tuna sandwich
- creamy artichoke soup
A Giada recipe. Artichokes, leeks, and potato cooked til tender, then pureed in chicken stock and a little cream cheese with an immersion hand blender (pretty awesome tool, but took longer than expected). I've confirmed I don't really like the flavor of artichokes. Fun to make, though.

Sue & Mike's wedding shower:
- 1 coconut shrimp
- pita chips with hummus
- pineapple, strawberry
- lo mein
- white rice
- eggplant dish
- spicy chicken
- green beans
- 1 eggroll
- 1 bite brownie
- 1 mini Crunch bar
- 1 mini banana Laffy Taffy
- 1 Anchor Summer beer
- 1 Hansen's Mandarin Lime soda
- 1 cup Riesling


Blogger SC said...

She-H, please list the electronic kitchen appliances which you consider "essential" for an amateur's kitchen. Do I need a Cuisinart?

10:45 AM  
Blogger she-hubbs said...

Yes, you absolutely need a food processor. It opens so many doors! I prefer KitchenAid brand. I've read they have better customer service and their extra blades come packed in a convenient plastic box (I don't think Cuisinart's do). Mine also came with a citrus juicing attachment. Even a $50 Cuisinart mini-prep food processor would be helpful if you don't want to go for the real thing. A regular blender. A microwave. And if you really want to go hard core, one or the other of an electronic hand mixer and an artisan stand mixer. I'm sure a hand mixer would be sufficient.

2:19 PM  

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