Thursday, June 15, 2006

Guest Wednesday (née "Hump Day")

I forgot to mention earlier that I start my days with a Vitamin Shoppe multivitamin, 1200 mg of calcium with Vitamin D, and 1000 mg of flaxseed oil. Then I take another multivitamin before I go to bed. Right on.

4 egg whites
Diet Lemon Snapple

Romaine salad with tuna, red onion, tomato, kalamata olives, and roasted shallot-sherry vinaigrette
Diet Lemon Snapple

1 venti skim latte (I found this great little mom-and-pop in Times Square called "Starbucks." I think these guys might really be on to something.)

Heartland Brewery:

This place is retarded.

2 Ketel Ones and soda
3 Harvest Wheat beers
1 glass of SoCo and lime juice (This "shot" was a "gift" from the bartender. My two observations about this "gift shot" are that it was not a shot and that it was a very shitty gift.)

Soho House roof deck:

There were a bunch of famous people here. I do not know why I was here.

1 Ketel One and soda (Enormous. Very stiff. That is what she said.)
2 glasses of pinot grigio


Dill pickle spear (no reason)

Goal for tomorrow: Eat dinner.


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