Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Guesty Wednesday


1 1/2 cups home-brewed starbucks coffee
french vanilla coffeemate
1 chile verde burrito, dry


tuna fish, mixed with dijon mustard, relish, and mayo
5 whole grain crackers
iceberg/romaine salad with thai peanut vinaigrette, sprinkled with sliced almonds
triple-layer hummus (cilantro-jalapeno, spicy, and traditional)


1 Special K chocolate drizzle granola bar
a handful of raw almonds
1 Corona Light
bits of English muffin with triple-layer hummus


Shrimp and tofu stir-fry, with handmade marinade and sherry sauce
This is my favorite recipe that I got from my mom. I learned an important stir-fry tip from this recipe- - mix an egg white, corn starch, and salt and coat meat with it, and it is instantly ten times better.

Sherry sauce: Best stir-fry sauce there is. Sugar, soy sauce, white vinegar, cooking sherry, water, cornstarch.

Green beans in spicy thai stir-fry sauce
white rice
second helpings of everything
1 Pacifico


1/2 a bag of Capri Sun sour apple gusher fruit snacks (shared with Mike as we finished up a great episode of Battlestar)


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