Thursday, June 15, 2006

June 14th

Breakfast (6:45-7:30am)

1 McDonalds regular coffee
cream and sugar (3 and 2, respectively)
1 freshly baked McDonalds chocolate chip cookie
1 vanilla yogurt with organic morning lite
Strach--good tip about cereal in the yogurt, but I think Organic Morning Lite was a bad choice. Next time I'll try Grape Nuts or bran buds.

Snack at Recess (10:10am)

Weird goulash with salmon, zuchinni and other unidentifiables
Mr. F, a small strange African man who teaches 4th grade, brought in a pot of this stuff and left it in the teacher's lounge. It looked terrible, but tasted pretty good. There was nothing in it that I didn't like.

Lunch (11:45am)

2 carne asada tacos with cilantro and onion
hot sauce
1 medium jamaica (I love jamaica, pronounced ha-my-kah)

Dinner (7:00pm)

seafood soup
naan bread
lemongrass chicken stix
Gyoza dipping sauce


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