Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Monday the Twelfth of June

I smartened up over the weekend and got the 365 brand of Raisin Bran. So much better than Erewhon, though not as good as post. The bran part came in massive massive flakes, about 3 times bigger on average than Post Raisin Bran, and much flatter.
So 1 bowl of that with 1% milk
3 cups coffee
1 tumbler OJ

getting bored of PB&J, people, but what else would I find as satisfying and easy to make?
some other kind of apple...Pink something or other? I should have noted the name when I purchased it.

Pre-Dinner Snack (in some places this is called an appetizer):
1 99cent bag of Cape Cod Beachside Barbecue chips
2 Wolaver's IPAs
a few handfuls of almonds while watching episode 19 of Deadwood: "E.B. Was Left Out".

Deadwood, as I'm sure my dear friends are all aware, is not notable for stirring the appetite, for food at least. In contrast to a few other HBO shows that make occasional use of certain foodstuffs, restaurants, etc., Deadwood rarely touches upon the subject of eating.
Last night, a somewhat notable exception: there was a shot of a fresh kidney that Farnum attempted to serve to Sophia for breakfast.
Also, shout out to poor, dumb, creepy Richardson, cook at the Grand Central!

leftover fusilli pasta from Sunday

2 turkish figs


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