Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My First Day 6/6/06

My students all thought the world was going to end today, and I think they were a little relieved to find me, and the school, still there.


1 cup McDonald's regular coffee
cream and sugar
one McDonalds chocolate chip cookie (surprisingly delicious, and fresh out of the oven at 7am)
Capri Sun juice bag
chile verde burrito, microwaved with a sprinkling of cheese
I eat an embarrassing amount of these burritos.

Morning Recess:

half a stale onion bagel with cream cheese
1/2 a can of Mott's Apple Juice


Dr. Pepper
bites of a Long John Silver's "fish plank" (nasty!)
5 fried shrimp (better, but not great)
about 10 french fries


Leftover rotini pasta with marinara sauce
Pav Bhaji eggplant
sprinkle of cheddar cheese, and Tapatio hot sauce

A bite or two of wedding shower party cake.


Blogger SC said...

I love McDonald's coffee. I think it's terrific. Better than Starbucks, Coffee Bean, whatevs. It's the king of coffees.

9:27 PM  

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