Sunday, June 11, 2006

Saturday June 10th: Guest

Breakfast: (11:30am)

1 cup home-brewed Starbucks coffee
french vanilla coffeemate
1 chile verde burrito, melted cheese, pico de gallo salsa

Lunch: (3:15pm)

tuna fish, mixed with dijon mustard, relish, and mayo
This time I also added sliced almonds. It was excellent!
5 whole grain crackers

Dinner: (6:30pmish)

BDC Tofu House (thanks for the rec, She-Hubbs, this place was awesome!)
beef and octopus soon tofu
1 egg, raw, cracked into the bubbling soup
mashed potato-type thing
spicy cabbage soup
crunchy fish (with head still on)
rice with peas

Soooo tasty. I really love meals with a lot of parts to them, and the tofu soup was just great. Cheap, too! I will definitely be back for more.

Verbena Game Night: (9:45ish-12:30)

1 Sapporo
7-9 slices of orange
2 lychee nuts
2 cherries
a handful of sundried tomato basil Wheat Thins
These were good, but with a very strong flavor. We found that they are apparently loaded with MSG. Yum!


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