Sunday, June 18, 2006

Saturday the Seventeenth of June

3 eggs, scrambled, with Frank's Red Hot
2 slices of toast
3 cups coffee

leftover rotelle pasta with pesto
750 mL bottle of Pellegrino

Afternoon at the South Hills Country Club:
1 pina colada
1 transfusion (grape juice, club soda, vodka, lime -- I'd never had this with alcohol before)
on the patio:
1 ketel one on the rocks with olives
1.5 stuffed banana pepper
1 house salad with dry blue cheese as well as Italian dressing
filet and crabcake with asparagus

on Mt Washington:
4 Miller Lites

at Bar 11 on the Southside:
3 Anchor Steams


Blogger MMW said...

I purchased a 3-pack of yellow Zingers with frosting while on my way home last night. Delice!

5:47 AM  

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