Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wednesday 14 VI 6

365 Raisin Bran, with 1% milk.
3 cups coffee
1 tumbler OJ

1 PB&J -- chunky, raspberry, cracked wheat
1 royal gala apple
I ate this at my desk, and I was trying not to make a mess of crumbs, so instead of eating the sandwich normally, I broke off pieces while the sandwich was still in the bag and then would transfer those pieces to my mouth. Still, kind of a mess.

leftover beets, rice, daal from 13 VI, with another cup of rice. This other cup of rice was totally excessive. So now I have a ziploc container (who does not use these things, I ask?) of a weeny bit of daal and half a cup of cooked rice.
1 Stone IPA. This was OK, and really expensive for a sixer ($13.25!!!!)

handful of cherries
2 turkish figs

I was mightily tempted to have an armagnac before bed as I was reading about wine, but resisted since I'm trying to save the armagnac for special occasions.

Someone like Geoff Dyer would have drank some and then justified it by saying that nights when you're reading a book about wine by Evelyn Waugh's brother and get a craving to sip on some really good armagnac and also just happen to have some armagnac that's really good in your apartment are few, and thus special.

To that I would respond that this book has a section on cognacs and armagnacs that I haven't read yet, so fuck off, Dyer.


Blogger zachkay said...

One time Mattpod, James Harvey, and I bought some beers at a bodega and they cost 13.25 and it ruined Harvey's entire night.

9:52 AM  

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