Sunday, June 18, 2006

week in review, NYC, 06/13 - 06/17


in flight:
- 1/2 turkey sandwich from the Burbank Airport. Gross.
- 1/2 bag Chex Mix
- 1 small bag Doritos Munchies mix
- Coke

dinner, McDonald's, upper west side:
- spicy chicken sandwich
- french fries
- Hi-C Orange

a restaurant/bar, upper west side:
- 1 glass Yellow Tail shiraz


a pizza joint on the upper east side:
- 1 slice white pizza
- Coke

Starbucks, Murray Hill:
- small chai tea latte

a Mexican restaurant, mid-town east?:
- 1 Pacifico

dinner, Dok Suni:
- stir-fried kimchi with rice and beef
- kimchi, cucumber kimchi, tofu, gim
- a bite of Koh's bibimguksoo
- a bite of He's bulgogi
- O.B. beer

Holiday bar:
- 1 Yellow Tail red wine
- 1 Amstel Light

- 1 Coor's Light


- cheese & crackers pack from Jet Blue

Osso Buco, 93rd & 3rd:
prix fixe lunch
- bread & butter
- caprese salad
- cappellini frutta di mare
- coffee with cream & sugar

Cafe Frida, upper west side:
- 2 red sangria

Silver Spurs:
Ragin' Cajun
- roast beef with cheddar sandwich
- cajun fries w/ketchup

Blue & Gold:
- several B&G
- Pommes Frites fries with wasabi sauce, peanut satay sauce, and a few less memorable sauces
- a sip of Malibu & Sprite. Don't do this.


Museum of Natural History:
- panino with portobello, swiss, roasted red pepper, onion, zucchini, summer squash
- orange soda
- 1 chicken nugget and some fries

Hale and Hearty Soups, Chelsea Market:
- cup of mulligatawny over basmati rice

- 2 glasses beaujolais

Schezuan King(?):
- white rice
- ma po tofu
- spicy chicken
- bean curd
- beef
- 2 pork dumplings
- 1 glass Sapporo

Sing Sing karaoke:
- several beers


Joe G's, 56th & 8th:
- insalata mista
- gnocci with meat sauce
- Diet Coke

- small bag Lay's
- 1 Naked strawberry-banana juice

in flight:
- 1 biscotti
- small bag Terra blue chips

- 6" Subway BMT
- strawberry-kiwi juice


Blogger she-hubbs said...

Further commentary:

Day 1:
Fast food feels particularly dirty and depressing in NYC. The food was terrible; the cashier was a monster C-bag to a young boy and his mother; the floor was beyond sticky; and as if on cue, an elderly homeless guy walked by our table wearing no pants and a jacket loosely draped around his lower regions. Today's grade: F+

Day 2:
NYC has good pizza, I'll give it that. And a chai tea latte hits the spot when you're wandering the city looking at shitty apartments. Koh took us to Dok Suni, which I found thrilling because I own the Dok Suni cookbook. That and "Eating Korean" by Cecilia H.J. Lee are the only two dece Korean cookbooks I've been able to find. Food was good, geared towards whities, doesn't hold a candle to K-town. Naturally, Koh took us to a horrifyingly dirty bar afterwards.
Today's letter grade: B

Day 3:
Osso Buco was fine, until a pube from the street flew into our butter. Blue & Gold had the most disgusting bathroom I'd ever seen in my life, second only to a portapotty on a campground in New Hampshire that I'm pretty sure gave me AIDS. It made even Holiday's bathroom look like the fucking Ritz. Koh kindly took me to a nearby Indian restaurant's bathroom. I foresee this to be a problem. Grade: C+

Day 4:
The Museum's food looked good, but tasted bad, especially He's chicken nuggets. B+ for effort, though. Chelsea Market is a major point for NY over LA. It makes me very sad that I will be living on the upper east side, far away from this place where I would otherwise spend every moment of every day. Their produce store had many spices I had never, ever seen in LA markets. The closest grocery store to our new place is a Key Foods, which was worse than any supermarket I've ever seen in LA - worse than what I imagine the Jon's chain to be. Where do people outside of Chelsea shop for food????
Letter grade: A-

11:01 AM  
Blogger SC said...

Key Foods is horrifying. I find it hard to imagine a bathroom so bad that the best option is go to a bathroom at an INDIAN restaurant.

12:23 PM  
Blogger Jack said...

The bathroom at Blue & Gold is constantly flooded, which means that you have to walk through spilled sewage that might be weeks old. It also (surprise) smells bad.

1:07 PM  
Blogger conrad said...

"Where do people outside of Chelsea shop for food????"

Fresh Direct. The delis are maybe okay for gatorade, but even that's pushing it.

1:12 PM  
Blogger zachkay said...

I would not drink gatorade from a deli.

8:04 AM  
Blogger sandis said...

Yes, Fresh Direct. Also Whole Foods and the Union Square farmers' market, which are a quick 4/5 subway ride away from the Upper East Side. Also, an excellent strategy is to eat out for every single meal. That's how we handle this vexing problem!

6:10 PM  

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