Sunday, July 02, 2006

Getting Hitched in 42 Days

July 1st, 2006

Coffee with french vanilla coffeemate
1/2 cup vanilla granola with soy milk
1 sliced orange

1 soy chicken leg (not made OF soy, but boiled in a soy sauce mixture, since I usually hate fake meat, putting me in the minority of most of the ladies I know. I'm not saying there's not some fake meat out there that I might enjoy, but I haven't found it yet.)
Spinach salad with sliced almonds
Thai Peanut vinaigrette
Broccoli slaw

Cooking for Ladies Night:
test bites of everything that I later ate more of.

Post-Spa, my place:
peanut butter cold noodles (Lung mien)
more soy chicken
broccoli slaw
ginger shrimp and tofu (now, this is how I prefer my bean curd.)
lemon tart or torte, I'm not sure. What constitutes a tart or a torte?
white rice
1 Corona with lime
1 glass Honeymoon
1 glass Black Swan merlot
1 glass beaujolais
3-4 glasses cranberry wine mixed with champagne
maybe more? I was pretty out of it at this point.


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