Monday, July 10, 2006

MCW 7/10/06

So, I guess I won't put down how much coffee I drink from our coffee pot at work. I take a little 1o oz. cup in the morning and I refill it a lot all day. It is Starbuck's "House Blend" usually. Let's say I have 4-5 little cups a day with low-fat milk and some sugar.

Also, every day at work we order food from the Fox commisary and another restaurant. The other restaurant rotates between about fifteen places that are close enough for the PAs to get to so the food doesn't get cold. In the morning we get menus and pick what we want. So when I say we had food from a place (like Ugo today), it just means that the PAs brought in food from that place today, not that I actually went there. Then I usually eat the extra food I ordered for dinner (while still at work).

Watch for it: If I order something from the commissary, it often means I don't like the restaurant we went to!!!


One package Nature Valley granola bars (Cinnamon)

Lunch (Ugo in Culver City)

Garlic-rubbed rack of lamb with vegetables and potatoes.

Penne al arrabiatta

Ugo is an up-and-comer around work. It seems to have taken the place of Maria's Cucina as our favorite Italian place. I think it is OK, but the rack of lamb was great today.


Starbucks latte with hazelnut (Medium)

Dinner (Leftovers from Ugo)

One half pizza with Prosciutto

More penne arrabiatta

Evening Movie-Watching time

2 glasses Black Swan Shiraz

One half package Nature Valley granola bars (Brown Sugar)


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