Wednesday, July 12, 2006

MCW, 7/11/06

Cijl, all you missed was some crappy food from Kay and Dave's!


One Nature Valley granola bar (Pecan Crunch)

Lunch (Fox Commissary)

Spinach, artichoke, and boursin cheese stuffed chicken breast with ricotta ravioli and cream sauce.

This item was today's "Daily Value Special" on the Fox Commissary menu. No one knows what the DVS is all about because the food is just as expensive as the normal commissary food (in this case something like 16 bucks) and is not really a "value" by any normal standard. Maybe it's like "design within reach" where they don't mean that the items are cheap, just that they are a good bargain considering the quality of what you get. Anyway, this was an excellent DVS.


One diet cherry Coke
One Starbucks cappuccino (Large)

Dinner (Kay and Dave’s)

Plato de Carnitas (carnitas, Spanish rice, pinto beans, black beans, guacamole)
Some chips.

Kay and Dave’s is one of our crappier Mexican places at work. I feel like they bill themselves as being healthy, but I don’t see it. The most interesting thing about them, is that the food comes in metal containers that are (for some reason) 100% microwavable.

Evening movie watching time

A few sips of Shiraz until...

“The Swords” Concert at Spaceland

One mug of PBR
One Bud Light


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