Friday, July 14, 2006

MCW, 7/13/06


One Nature Valley granola bar (Pecan crunch)

Lunch (California Pizza Kitchen)

Sausage and pepper penne

So we went to CPK today (yesterday) and this usually pisses people off because their food is poo-tasting. But we go there on days when we have a table read because the PA’s can get the order in late and the food will still be ready. The other reason this is bad is that we often stay late on table read days, and when we stay late we always order pizza for dinner. So the exact last thing you would want for lunch is PIZZA!!! C’mon guys.


2 diet cherry cokes

One Starbuck’s latte with hazelnut (The Way I see it #140, Jay McInerney)

A piece of dried mango


Four little slices of CPK pepperoni pizza.

CPK pizza always tastes a little like cherry flavor to me, but I have never had another person second me on this. Maybe it’s just their pepperoni pizza? Anyway, California makes bad pizza. We’re too busy chillin’ out!

Evening movie watching

Two glasses of red wine.


Blogger v.DANGER said...

My main complaint about CPK is that there isn't enough regular good pizza in LA to warrant so many california-pizza fusion places. My secondary complaint is that their pizza is too sweet. Perhaps this is the same complaint as your cherry taste.

In conclusion: CPK is for the birds.

4:21 PM  

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