Saturday, July 15, 2006

MCW, 7/14/06

One Nature Valley Yogurt Bar (Vanilla)

I tried a new kind of Nature Valley bar today (yesterday). There are several lines of Nature Valley products and I like more or less all of them. These ones are butt-wipe-flavored, though. They are patterned after the sweet and salty bars, but they are more “light” which means they fall apart very easily. Also, I found the “yogurt” component to taste like neither yogurt nor vanilla. Instead it tasted like a horrible chemical. The multi-pack at work contains strawberry and blueberry varieties, but I will not be trying them any time soon! If you are interested in trying Nature Valley bars and are looking for a recommendation, try the Sweet and Salty peanut flavor bar. They are the best. In conclusion, I would like someday to visit Nature Valley.

Lunch (Commissary)
Daily value special – one half Roti chicken with chili-pepper glaze, mashed potatoes, and green beans.



Diet Pepsi

Starbucks low-fat latte with hazelnut. (The Way I see It # 138, plant biologist Mark Olson)

One Dreyer’s Fruit Bar (Strawberry)

Dinner (Spark’s Woodfire Grill)

Chicken sandwich with cheese, pancetta, and tomatoes on brioche roll with French fries.

This place is bad and is basically a TGI Friday’s with a more limited menu, but they give very flowery descriptions of their food. The “brioche roll” was the most normal roll in the history of the world. I like pancetta though.

Evening Wine/Magnet party at SC’s

One half-glass of red wine, magnetized
One half-glass of red wine, unmagnetized
Three Bud Lights.
Two chocolate covered espresso beans.
A waffle/caramel cookie from the Netherlands that Liz and Jeff brought.


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