Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Les Disappointments, 08/15

Gardenburger black bean chipotle veggie burger on wheat bun with monterey jack and ketchup

dinner, Les Halles Downtown:
1 glass Alsace pinot blanc
2 pieces bread with butter
Coq au Vin du Printemps -- rooster in white wine and cream sauce with veggies
some of He's frites and a bite of his steak

The coq au vin was terrible. I so badly wanted the steak, frites (which were good), but I felt obligated to get something else. I chose the dryest, blandest thing on the menu. Also, they didn't give you a little plate for bread. And they were shilling $25 autographed copies of Anthony Bourdain's books on every table as though it were a cocktail menu at Chili's. Lame.

organic Fuji apple
Newman's Own lemonade


Blogger Melissa said...

Sorry to hear about Les Halles. Perhaps some dessert a couple days later could cheer you up...?!

Here is a write-up of the dessert-only place I mentioned the other day!

the official site ( is pretty much content-less, but has some nice photos

7:32 PM  

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