Wednesday, January 24, 2007


As part of Winter Restaurant Week '07, I went to Morimoto and had their prix fixe lunch:

mixed greens salad
miso soup
chef's sushi tasting, which included a spicy tuna roll, salmon, tuna, shrimp, eel, salmon roe, and a few other sushi with Japanese names
Plus I ordered a wagyu beef sushi and an aka no ne ("carrot") shochu on the rocks.

Sushi all kind of tastes the same to me, but this was the best sushi I've ever had in terms of texture and tenderness. The salad was unimpressive, but the miso soup tasted noticeably better, i.e., sharper and cleaner, than typical miso soup. The wagyu beef sushi tasted beefy and fatty, but maybe not worth the troubling few seconds of chewing on a pretty big chunk of raw beef. Highlights were the eel sushi, which was incredibly tender and soft, unlike every other eel sushi I've ever had. And the salmon roe sushi, which I would eat every day just for the awesome mouthfeel of it exploding in your mouth. Totally worth the mercury intake. The shochu was nice - like a light, drinkable straight vodka.


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