Sunday, June 11, 2006


I thought I'd do some recap of what I've been eating while in Boston.

scrambled eggs
whole grain toast (it had some nuts in it)

baguette w/ apricot chutney -- My mom buys this great chutney from the cheese shop near our house. It's more like a cheese dip than like jam.

Since I was doing nothing all day every day this week, I decided to use my parents' well provisioned kitchen (counters, knives, pans) to practice some cooking. I also had some shots left on a one-use digital camera, so you are treated to some bad pictures of my food (also available at CVS: one-time use camcorder, the future is here and it is sort of boring).

Short ribs browning:

Short ribs braising:

Corn simmering:

Corn fritters frying:

Glazed carrots:

Out of focus short rib on corn puree with carrots (fritters not pictured):

I've been trying to figure out how to make good glazed carrots (last time they basically came out cooked carrots), and Alton Brown helped me out. He basically simmers the carrots in ginger ale to cook them, and then turns up the heat to reduce the ginger ale to a glaze. It works really well and is easy. I also had an Otter Creek Copper Ale with dinner (this beer was also used to braise the beef).


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