Thursday, November 09, 2006

Best Meal Ever Served?

FRs, I was wondering: have any of you, in your wide reading and studies, come across any claims to what was the best meal ever served? Surely there must be some feast in the Renaissance or something for which this distinction has been claimed. I would like to read about the candidates for "best dinner ever."


Blogger she-hubbs said...

Jeffrey Steingarten in the "Kyoto Cuisine" chapter of "The Man Who Ate Everything" describes his kaiseki ryori (Japanese haute cuisine) meal as one of the best things ever. He talks about the difficulty of returning to Western food after eating in Japan, and he says Japanese restaurants in NYC tasted repulsive to him after eating in Kyoto.

9:05 AM  
Blogger schoboats said...

Probably one of the fancy meals that the astronauts on the international space station get served every once in a while, so they don't go insane. Apparently, Alain Ducasse sent up a lot of food on the cargo ship that took off last month. I'm saying that's the best.

Or the one served on Mir in 1988 by a French cosmonaut, referenced here under the section "French Cookin'."

Granted the food is almost certainly better in an Earth-restaurant, but you're in effing space.

10:11 AM  
Blogger schoboats said...

Also, note the execrable pun in the Ducasse piece: "haute-r space."

10:13 AM  
Blogger Jack said...

Schott's Food and Drink has a writeup of an interesting meal.

"In 1879, during the siege of Paris, the zoo in the Jardin des Plantes was forced to sell the animals it was no longer able to feed. A number of restaurateurs, who had been reduced to serving rat, bought what they could from the cages. The followng is the Christmas Day menu (the 99th day of the siege) prepared by Bellanger from the restaurant Voisin's:

butter, radishes, sardines
stuffed ass's head
purée of red beans with croutons
elephant soup
fried fish
roast camel, English style
kangaroo stew
roast bear chops in pepper sauce
haunch of wolf with venison sauce
cat garnished with rats
watercress salad
antelope and truffle terrine
cèpe mushrooms, Bordeaux style
buttered peas
rice pudding with jam
Gruyère cheese"

There is also an appealing selection of wines.

4:13 PM  
Blogger mattpod said...

Ray Smuckles has an interesting answer to this question. Try going here:

Search for the word "Alaska" and read the answer and response if you don't want to read all of Ray's advice (I don't know why you wouldn't).

2:37 PM  
Blogger zachkay said...

I bet there is some mention of the best meal ever served in some Isabel Allende novel or some bad crap like that.

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