Monday, October 11, 2010


Breakfast – home
1 glass grapefruit juice
Oatmeal with golden raisins and brown sugar
2 cups coffee

Lunch – home
Grilled cheese (whole wheat bread, mozzarella, arugula)
Sausage soup with cannellini beans and cabbage
Cortland apple

Dinner – Momofuku Noodle Bar
Fried Chicken Dinner:
Southern- and Korean-style fried chicken, mu shu pancakes, sauces, herbs, etc.
Pork buns
Roasted corn with miso butter
Sauteed bok choy in pork broth
Cold noodles with Chinese sausage and candied cashews
1 bottle Lone Star

Dessert I
– Veniero’s
1 truffle button

Dessert II – Momofuku Milk Bar
1 cornflake, marshmallow and chocolate chip cookie


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Nice Monday eating.

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