Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Kashi cereal with milk

Rice cake

Egg white and soy bacon sandwich, foreman-ed
Carrot sticks
Diet Dr. Pepper

1 glass white wine

v.Danger made dinner:
Oysters in the half shell (I ate one with v.Danger's special dressing, one with cocktail sauce, one with cocktail sauce and tabasco)
Grilled zucchini
Mussels saganaki (top notch food, this)
Strawberries dipped in chocolate sauce
Animalitos (knock-off animal crackers. Totally unnecessary addition to the gourmet feast I had just eaten.)
Most of a Queen Victoria's Tittytini
2 glasses viognier (you were all right)
1 glass red wine
Some coffee with thin mint liqueur
2 glasses dessert wine
2 glasses white wine
Most of a martini

This is where the night ended for me. But I think it would be to everyone's benefit if former food correspondent v.Danger reported his eating from 5/22/06.


Blogger Jack said...

Fontana, see my comments on your previous post re: white wine and then also please note that Viognier is absolutely the best wine a person can get right now.

Can I solicit the FoodFriends for a Viognier "Whoo Yeah"? I think we have She and Junior and it sounds v.D and Strach on board now - has anyone else discovered how amazing Viognier is?

It may surprise the FoodFriends little that I owe my discovery of Viognier to FBC artist in residence Schoboats - I stopped in a Brooklyn Heights wine store on the way to one his barbecues, found that they were conducting a tasting at the time, and had my first taste of Viognier. I found quickly that many run of the mill wine and liquor holes around Manhattan (still proud to support the beautifully omnipresent Mom and Pop liquor shop) did not stock a single bottle of this remarkable wine. If you enjoy a white wine, get yourself a dece Viognier; you will become sad over having drunk other things before. Does the idea of something that is just as sweet as you need but not at all too sweet appeal to you? What if that thing were a delicious bird-flu fighting, drunkening, slightly and beautifully minerally-tasting, just nearly effervescent, and wholly potable wine? That's Viognier, my friends.

11:26 PM  

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