Monday, June 05, 2006

The Weekend, ZK

Gatorade orange. (I went into work three hours late so that I could go for a run and relax. I'm not sure why that was allowed.)

One slice of beef, one piece of coconut milk curry sauce chicken, broccoli, white roll w/ pesto, chocolate chip cookie, gala apple.

Saltines, OJ, beef jerky.

Grilled chicken sandwich w/ fries from Odessa. OJ.

@ Heathers
2 Stella
1 Red Stripe

@ Blue and Gold
2 pabst
A bunch of chugs from the 2 pitchers of left over beer that some strangers left on their table, which were then given to us to finish in 5 minutes with no glasses.

Glass of water during some late night Bob Marley appreciation with the Jazzner.


Turkey sandwich, Yoo-hoo and Hershey's cookies and cream bar from the bodega downstairs.

Dinner @ Il Vagabondo
Chicken Parmigiana w/ penne. I asked for mozzarella instead of muenster cheese, for which they charged me 6 dollars extra. Many such "surcharges" were added on to our meal.
6 glasses of Il Principe Chianti. When the waiter pronounced the name of the wine, which I had neglected to do, everyone assumed he was trying to shame me by saying "Going Cheap, eh?" He was saying il Principe (Italian pronunciation).
1 Peroni

2 Heinekens @ Corner Billiards
1 Bass and 2 tequila shots @ Dewey's Flatiron


Dim Sum in Chinatown. I hate Dim Sum, but it was fine. I just had the bao (bow? I guess there isn't really a correct English spelling maybe?) and some tea.

I also bought an apple at a street market that turned out to be disgusting. I did the same thing this morning, but you'll find out about that tomorrow.

Chicken sandwich w/ fries from Odessa. OJ. Yoohoo. Hershey's cookies and cream bar.


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