Saturday, July 08, 2006


Yogurt with bran buds

Mint Frappuccino

Vegetarian meatball sub

Picnic at Barnsdall Art Park:
6 kinds of cheeses (Goat cheese [Netherlands], Brie [France], Gouda [Netherlands], Aged Farmhouse Cheddar [England], Dutch Leyden with Cumin [Netherlands], Chimay [Belgium])*
Sourdough baguette
French baguette
Table water crackers
Whole wheat crisps
Roasted vegetable sandwich on rosemary ciabatta (I marinated portobellos, roasted yellow and orange peppers, and zucchini in a vinaigrette, then grilled it on the foreman with basil pesto, mozzarella, and avocado)
Roasted garlic hummus
Curried lentil dip
Spinach salad with cucumbers and feta in an herb vinaigrette
Berry and nectarine fruit salad
Dark chocolate
Limeade with vodka
It was not until I arrived at the picnic that I realized the amount of food I'd brought was absurd.

Gallery at Barnsdall Art Park:
1 glass white wine

Club 331:
1 glass white wine

Bigfoot Lodge:
Bourbon on ice

More wine

*The goat cheese and Brie were leftovers from Danger's 6SDC and I brought them because I knew they were delicious. The other four I got at Monsier Marcel. They have a cheese guy, which is pretty awesome. I asked for the sharpest cheddar, and it was pretty good; could have been sharper. The Leyden with Cumin was a curiousity buy, but turned out to be pretty good. The Gouda was delicous, natch. The Chimay I bought because I wanted another soft cheese, but it wasn't as good as Brie.


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Strach, remind me to loan you my cheddar-sharpening device.

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