Monday, July 24, 2006

Thursday to Sunday, ZK


Grilled chicken, broccoli, lettuce, white roll w/ pesto, OJ, chocolate milk, oyster crackers, chocolate chip cookie.

1 brownie.
5 ritz crackers.
1 gala apple.

Grilled chicken sandwich w/ fries from Odessa. OJ. Ice cream.


Turkey sandwich, OJ, chocolate chip cookie, chocolate milk, oyster crackers. A roll. 1 gala apple.

Ice cream. Chicken kabob from "The Lite Touch." I got their homemade pita this time (although I had previously vowed never to go to this place again) and it was pretty fine. OJ.


Package of vanilla snackwells at rest-stop on way to Boston. There were only vending machines at this shitty reststop.

Slice of cheese pizza at Pinocchio's.

@ the Lampoon
Many crostini. Some pieces of baguette. About 20 teriyaki chicken wings. 2 glasses of champagne. A lot of beers. Some shots.


Chicken satay from Spice. Plus white rice.
Oreo milkshake from Herrell's. This totally blew.
Slice of cheese pizza from Pinocchio's.
Slice of cheese pizza from Vinny Vincenz. OJ.


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