Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What I Ate: San Francisco, 8.4-8.06

8.4.06 -- New York
Scrambled Eggs
English Muffin
Peach-apricot Jam

Diet pepsi -- No diet coke on United

O'Hare Airport, Chicago
Chili's To Go
Burger with bacon, chipotle sauce, blue cheese
Diet Coke -- This wasn't very good, or cheap, but it was either Chili's To Go or a $5.00 United Airlines Snack box. For some reason Chili's To Go Chicago only offers hamburgers and a Philly Steak and Cheese.

San Francisco
Stella artois
Beet salad, greens, goat cheese
Potato-leek soup
Pesto Bruschetta
White wine

Bottom of the Hill

Tartine Bakery
Pieces of:
Chocolate croissant
Ham and cheese croissant
Bread pudding with nectarines, raspberries
Breakfast roll
I thought the bread pudding was the best, it was made with brioche. The croissants were great and huge also.

BBQ @ Spreck's
Fat Tire Ale
Some red wine
Guacamole + Salsa (Foodfriends Jamie and Sarah and I made these two items)
Babyback ribs
BBQ'd chicken
Homemade veggie burger -- I think this was made with breadcrumbs, mushrooms, beans, and some other stuff that I can't remember
Spinach salad
Sugar cookie

Brown Ale


Ferry Building Marketplace
Vegetable samosa
Duck rillette sandwich
Meyer lemon Grown Up Soda

Boont amber ale
White Wine
Potatoes Anna
Steamed broccoli romanescu
Salmon w/ white wine lemon sauce -- We used frozen, packaged salmon and it came out terribly. I don't know if this was our fault or the salmon's. The sauce was good.
Baked polenta
We decided to use whatever leftover foods were around the fridge and pantry for this meal. It turned out to be a lot of effort and yielded pretty mixed results at best.

Sea Bowl
Strawberry chewy candy
Diet coke

2 poached eggs
Fried polenta -- This turned out better than our baked batch.

Top of Mt. Tam
Trail mix: peanuts and chocolate chips

Chez Panisse, Cafe Room
Sauvignon Blanc
Rocket salad with pecorino, hazelnuts
Bite of Jamie's tomato, avocado toasts
Bite of Sarah's Little gem lettuce salad
Roasted quail, liver crostini, frisee, figs -- Alert: the liver crostini was the best part of the meal.
Vin Santo
Cheese: Fougerus, Fourme D'Ambert, Montagne de Bethmale

San Francisco Airport
Chocolate chip scone

O'Hare Airport Quizno's
Mesquite chicken sub
Diet coke

Home: Artie's Takeout
Matzo ball soup
Brisket on rye


Blogger MMW said...

What did you think of the overall dining experience at Chez Panisse? I assume that the cafe room is merely a part of the restaurant, and not some separate location?

Also, I assume that Spreck's is not a restaurant, unless it was a restaurant that let you make your own salsa and guacamole.

2:40 PM  
Blogger mattpod said...

Spreck is short for Spreckles, an awesome name for a big dude. He works with my friend Jamie. I will give some more details on Chez Panisse soon.

4:26 PM  
Blogger mattpod said...

Chez Panisse is divided into two sections: the Cafe upstairs and the dining room downstairs. The Cafe is the less formal of the two. It's not exactly cheap but it's definitely very reasonable, at least by New York standards. The way the dining room works is that there is one menu at a set price every night with the price escalating though the week (Monday being the cheapest, Friday and Saturday the most exapensive).

The food was good, they definitely lived up to their reputation of simple cooking methods and fresh, local ingredients (we did not get their famous desert of a plain peach). The food wasn't a revelation or anything, but it was all good. Probably the way to get the total experience is to do the dining room on a Friday or Saturday, but I'll have to be richer before I do that.

...And that is my review of the Chez Panisse Cafe room. Remember, the host downstairs has a really crazy voice and crazy eyes that look at you from all different angles.

12:45 PM  

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