Sunday, November 12, 2006


Not so long ago, MJTM posted this old New Yorker article about beefsteaks. I passed said article along to my friend Natch, a lover of red meats. She resolved to host a beefsteak, and last night did so. Aprons were provided, the entertainment was an Irish tin whistle and accordion duo, and Pabst and Stella were on tap. This was an East Side beefsteak - no crabmeat, potatoes, or other bullshit. Radishes and celery were the only appetizers. Grilled skirt steak, well-marinated, was served on day-old bread. I will investigate and report back on the ingredients in this marinade - rumor has it red wine was involved. In any case, it was extraordinary, and made for juicy, flavorful steak. There was no silverware. Butter and salt were the only condiments. I melted some butter and salt together on a plate, and would run my meat through the liquid before ingesting it. The result was scrumptious.

About 25 people attended. All ate heartily. No one was capable of driving home.


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This warms my heart.

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