Tuesday, February 28, 2006

2/28/06 (later)

1 chicken vietnamese sandwich (nicky's)

1 chrysanthemum tea juicebox -- i think it was crysanthemum, it was something like that (a plant or flower), either way it was better than the lychee juicebox, and maybe even the coconut juicebox available at nicky's

some beer

1 slice of pizza with sliced tomatoes and garlic (i am not a fan of new york style pizza)

1 part of my 2 liter bottle of diet black cherry vanilla coke. this product tastes terrible. i think i was probably taken in by the billboard i saw which featured an extremely suggestive graphic of two cherries with a vanilla kiss on them. (i have tried to find a picture of this billboard on the internet, but haven't been able to so far. maybe i made it up?)


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