Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Blueberries and cream instant oatmeal

2 slices cheese pizza
1 diet coke -- The price of this lunch deal goes up between 7 and 15 cents every week but when I ask the woman who works there if they have changed the price she acts like she can't believe I would say that to her.

Barilla spaghetti no. 12 w/ meat sauce e parmesan
1 of Zachkay's mom's cookies -- I really carbed it up today.

Petite Abeille
1 Chimay Blue -- As we have discussed, Chimay is not very good. Unfortunately, my first, second, and third choices were unavailable and the waitress suggested this. Why would I listen if I knew I didn't want it?
Some sips of other beers
Half of a large bottle of an unidentified Belgian beer which the bartender convinced Murray and I to get because it was "off-menu." -- This took less convincing than you are probably imagining. Also, this bartender, though very nice, spent a long time describing the nose of the beers and was wearing a black t-shirt that said "Spoken Wordz" in some sort of metallic print.

Blue and Gold


Blogger Jack said...

I'm no snob, at least/particularly when it comes to food, but it's easier for me to take advice about the nose of beers from people who don't work in restaurants that have laminated menus and vinyl tablecloths printed with a fake blue gingham pattern with little anchors on it. It's not even a seafood restaurant! Why are there anchors if it's not a seafood restaurant?

8:16 AM  
Blogger dubs said...

it's probably some tintin bullshit

2:32 PM  
Blogger mattpod said...

Dubs, you just reminded me of another weird thing about this place. They have 3 bathrooms: a handicap bathroom, and then male and female bathrooms which are right behind the handicap bathroom but up like 3 stairs. Is this in order to prevent handicapped people from using everyone else's bathroom or do they think that handicap is some kind of third sex? Also, there are dozens of Tintin drawings on the bathroom walls.

2:56 PM  

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