Monday, April 24, 2006

Thursday 4.20.06 - Sunday 4.23.06

Let's keep this tight.


Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage

Burger with cheddar and mushrooms -- Still the best.

44 Bow Street
1 Lobster


Eggs benedict
French fries
Iced tea

Cold Sake
Complimentary clam salad -- This was a small salad of different kinds of marinated clams, tasty.
Salmon, tuna, salmon belly sashimi, special mackerel (this was a different kind of mackerel caught of a Japanese island whose name I forgot and was incredibly good), aji, black snapper, salmon skin, house special fresh water eel -- Bostonians: I think this is one of the best sushi restaurants in Boston, even though it is in an odd location for a good restaurant (rt. 9, Natick). They fly the fish in fresh from Japan and various other fish markets (like Fulton Fish Market) and you can find some great stuff here.

Story Street Party

44 Bow Street


1 slice tomato basil

Grill 23
Pinot Noir
Some oysters
Some of brother's crab cake
Some of dad's calamari
Filet Mignon (watercress and caramelized onions on the plate)
Truffled tator tots
Sauteed Mushrooms
Some profiterole
Earl Grey

44 Bow Street

Quincy House


Daily special, roasted turkey breast with stuffing, cranberry sauce, greens on ciabatta -- Didn't make the list of top Darwin's sandwiches, but didn't disappoint either.
Orange-Mango Drink

Small fries
Medium Diet Coke

Vinny Vincenz
Calzone with mushrooms and chicken, tomato sauce to dip

Blue & Gold -- Home
2 jim and coke
1 taste test, jim beam vs. powers -- Ellie tried to convince me that powers is preferable to Jim Beam, but the thing is that I was drinking $3 whiskey and cokes, not a whiskey neat, so I will stick to my sweet bourbon for that drink.
Some Blue and Gold Lager -- It turns out the Blue and Gold Lager (or is it an ale?) is actually Magic Hat and that Blue and Gold is the largest distributor of Magic Hat in the area and that for this reason Magic Hat loves Blue and Gold and invites them to the annual Jazz fest in Burlington and that now we are invited to go to the annual Jazz fest in Burlington on an unspecified day and find an unspecified hotel where we can share 2 hotel rooms with the Blue and Gold bartenders and some friends we don't know. I assume this was all offered in earnest.

I had a terrific time back in Cambridge, and great week of food and friends. Let's do it again soon.


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