Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Deep In The Heart Of Texas, Part II

Dairy Queen, Marfa
½ of a Fritos Chili Cheese Crunch Hungr-Buster
3 Chicken Strips
Barq’s Root Beer
(about two hours later): Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard
You can watch a commercial for the Fritos Chili Cheese Crunch Hungr-Buster here

Indian Lodge, Davis Mountains State Park
1 bite of clam chowder.
Country-fried steak
Iced Tea

1 glass of Chardonnay of some kind.

Notes: The good folks at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Bureau do an exquisite job in so many ways, but their clam chowder is not their greatest glory. Perhaps that, plus the burger I ate that had Fritos on it, is what made me so sick. After a round of boisterous vomiting, I went to bed clutching my stomach, which was churning, sputtering, and exploding like the engine of a third-hand Pontiac in the middle of winter. However, I am of the “get back on the horse” school of post-traumatic eating.

Marfa Book Company
Chocolate chip cookie with walnuts

Terlingua Café, Terlingua
Chili with onions and cheese, and tortillas
Chicken, bacon, cheese quesadilla with salsa

The lodge at Big Bend National Park
Snickers pie
A glass of Yellowtail
I had this to test my theory that I had suddenly become allergic to wine. Debunked!

Pizza Foundation, Marfa
2 slices of cheese pizza
1 Shiner Bock beer
3 mini bottles of Ste. Genieve chardonnay

Terlingua is of course home to the world's biggest Chili Cookoff every year. Despite that, the chili was not that good. No sense blowing it in the off-season, I suppose. The waitress asked if we wanted onions and cheese as though it's a funny joke to pretend we wouldn't. Pizza Foundation is very good. If you find yourself in need of a slice in Presidio County, I recommend it. Marfa generally has terrific eating. The last time I was there, Francis McDormand asked me what kind of pastry to get (pumpkin empanada, was my answer)


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Oh, my baby has learned to do his own embedded hypertext links. I have the mix of pride and empty sadness that I imagine mothers feel.

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yeah I can do it on my home computer, but for some reason not on my work Mac. But we're on hiatus now, so get ready for some mad linkage.

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