Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Normal Day, 4.26.05


Raspberry yogurt
Baby carrots
VANILLA snack pack

United Noodles (Delivery)
Pad See Ew w/ tofu -- This was ok, but not enough sauce and the tofu was slightly soggier than I would have liked.

Professor Thom's
1 Harpoon -- This is the closest Red Sox bar to my place. Seems like it may be ok on most night, but they were playing bingo last night and the MC was making horrible Maury Povich jokes ("the winner of this round will be Maury Povich's assistant." Does that even count as a joke?). There is something pretty awful about trying to drink a beer and watch a game with a man loudly listing numbers and letters.

Blue and Gold
Some B to the G

I guess when I wrote that this was a normal day I forgot that I had a VANILLA snack pack. It was ok.


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