Wednesday, May 24, 2006

6th Street Dining Club and Magnificence Consortium

An excellent meeting of the SSDC&MC took place this past monday. Much club business was taken care of and it was reported that club financials continue to be strong despite the recent market downturn. In attendeance were foodfriends Strach, SC, myself and food associate L.

The theme of the meal was "Many Things I Have Recently Eaten and One Thing That It's Been A While Since I Ate." The menu was as follows:

*Queen Victoria's Titty-tini (courtesy of SC)

*Raw oysters with following choice of fixin's - cucumber mignonette sauce, cocktail cause, jalapeno tabaso sauce, tobasco sauce, prepared horseradish.
*2005 Honey Moon Viognier to drink

*Mussels Saganaki (mussels simmered with tomatoes and feta)
*Lamb Gyros
*Grilled zuchinni
*Pita bread
*2001 Renato Ratti Marcenasco to drink

*Strawberries and mascarpone
*2000 San Michele A Torri Vinsanto to drink
*Hazelnut coffee with a dash of some mint liquor leftover from the Conrad days of 331.

*2002 Carmenet Chardonnay (courtesy of Strach's wine cellar)

Over the course of the night, four bottles of wine and one bottle of gin were consumed by the four diners present. My own tasting flight continued after all others retired for the evening when at ~4am I had a slice of Damiano's cheese pizza followed immediately by the #11 meal at Carl's Jr. (bacon cheeseburger, fries, and a large soda). I believe it was my first trip ever to a Carl's Jr. Not bad.

I have no time to waste on moderation.


Blogger SC said...

I'd say this dinner was perfect, save for the mint liquor we added to the coffee.

9:30 AM  

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