Thursday, June 29, 2006


Ethiopian buffet from Rahel Vegan on Fairfax
Chocolate hazelnut and mint chip gelato from Al Gelato on Robertson

Leftover black bean soup and salsa fresca*
Spinach salad with soynuts and honey dijon dressing
Some Reese's Pieces
Diet Dr. Pepper

1/2 bottle white wine
Some Maker's

Jones on Santa Monica:
1 Jack on ice (I ordered bourbon and the bartender gives me Jack Daniels! What kind of rube does this guy take me for?)
1 gin & tonic

Probably more Maker's?

*I'm going to come out and say this is my favorite thing I've ever cooked. I started with dry beans instead of canned and it made all the difference. With the salsa fresca it is delicious. Rough recipe in comments.


Blogger strach said...

I took 1 bag of black beans, soaked them overnight (recipes said min 8 hours). Drained.

In a large pot, sauteed onions, garlic, sliced jalapeno. Added beans and cumin. Added 8 cups broth. Cooked for 1 hour.

Added 1 can of diced tomatoes and a red pepper which I had roasted and sliced. Cooked 1 more hour.

Stirred in cilantro, chili powder, cayenne, salt, pepper. Took about half and pureed it in the blender, and added it back to the soup.

(Despite the jalapeno, chili pepper, and cayenne, this soup was not very spicy.)

7:10 PM  

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