Thursday, June 29, 2006

Friday through Wednesday, ZK

Tortilla bread, chicken fajita chicken, lettuce, broccoli, chocolate chip cookie, chocolate milk, OJ, white roll w/pesto, oyster crackers.

Gala apple.

Poached chicken w/ pesto and penne w/tomato and arugula, by Mattpod. Some wine also. Yeungling.

Old English. Some budweisers.

Blue and Gold drinking.

Piece of pizza from Stromboli.


A pizza pie!

Some saltines and leftover poached chicken. OJ. Hershey's Cookies and Cream bar.

1 budweiser @ 2x4.

1 post haircut Grilled chicken and arugula panini from the panini place on 10th and 1st.

Turkey sandwich.


BBQ chicken breast, broccoli, white roll w/ olive oil, another roll w/ olive oil, oyster crackers, chocolate chip cookie, OJ, chocolate milk.

Gala apple.

Leftover poached chicken, gatorade orange.


Chicken marsala-ish chicken, lamb tandoor, naan, OJ, oyster crackers, white roll w/ pesto, chocolate chip cookie, chocolate milk. (I bought a squeeze-bottle of Quik chocolate syrup and brought it to work. I don't like Quik that much, but the syrup is actually a lot better than the whole package, and they provide us with free milk at work for coffee. In this way, if I continue to do this instead of buying chocolate milk from the caf├ęteria, I should save close to 200 dollars a year. Alternately, I could grow up and stop drinking chocolate milk every day, but that will not happen.)

Gala apple.

1 bass at Tap-A-Keg.

1 slice of Sicilian cheese pizza at Vinny Vincenz.
1 slice of cheese pizza at Gruppo.
(After my softball game I waited for 40 minutes for the pizza to arrive at Tap-A-Keg, and finally I left before the pizza game because I had to do some work at home. When I got off the subway on 1st and 14th I was so hungry that I had to have a piece of pizza at Vinny Vincenz to tide me over for the 4 block walk to Gruppo.)

Haagen Dazs vanilla fudge ice cream. (I call this ice cream "Shit Footprints".)


Turkey sandwich. Chocolate chip cookie. OJ. Handmade chocolate milk. Oyster crackers.

Gala apple.

@ Professor Thom's
3 Harpoon IPA
4 chicken fingers. The BBQ sauce that came with these had a weird, prolonged, cinnamonny aftertaste. That's why I only used ketchup.

Blue and Gold blue and golds.

Shit Footprints.


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