Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What I Ate


Intern Lunch @ The New Yorker
Vegetable ravioli
Roasted beets
White Asparagus
Chocolate chip cookie

Dinner made from things still in the fridge:
Poached chicken breast w/ arugula pesto, penne -- I don't know what made me think to poach chicken breasts, it's not something I ever eat or even seems very good to eat. It was especially not that great to eat because I overcooked it. The pesto and penne were fine.
White wine

Old English

Blue and Gold
Blue and Gold


Sweet Italian sausage and portobello pizza

New Green Bo
Green tea
Soup dumplings w/ crab & pork
Scallion pancakes
Vegetable dumplings
Tang po pork
Shanghai pan fried noodles
Some kind of shrimp dish
This place was great, the scallion pancakes, soup dumplings, and shanghai pan fried noodles were especially good. It's a pretty well-known place in Chinatown -- it was crowded with a lot of white people which makes me suspect that as good as this place is, there are much better places in Chinatown.

Ice Bar and Lounge
Shot of tecquila
Jack and Coke
This place was awful.

2 x 4

Blue and Gold
Blue and Gold


Did I forget lunch?

Drop of Service
1 Boddington's
1 Old Speckled Hen

Gatorade Xtremo Mango

Some of Walt's platter from Rakka (Falafel, gyro, hummus) -- I guess I didn't do too much eating today or something.


Arancini -- I had frozen 2 arancini from when I made them a few months ago. I baked them for lunch and they were awesome.

California burger (cheddar, mushrooms, avocado, pico de gallo)
Salad w/ ginger-scallion dressing

Edy's fudge tracks ice cream

Blue and Gold
Some cherries
Whiskey cokes


Blogger sandis said...

"Fudge tracks" is kind of a gross name for an ice cream flavor. They might as well just call it "Skid marks."

7:27 AM  
Blogger mattpod said...

It also tastes pretty bad. There's lines of fudge (to simulate the poop) and then there are little mini reese's peanut butter cups (to simulate other poop). I guess I got it because associated supermarket never likes to carry the same variety of Edy's twice.

11:13 AM  
Blogger Jack said...

All this talk puts me in mind of some humorous riddles and jokes I recently heard about Showbiz Funnyman David Wain.

Q: What is Hollywood Crackup David Wain's favorite frozen dessert?
A: Poop-sicles.

Q: What is TV's beloved jokester David Wain's favorite chocolatey peanut buttery snack?
A: Feces peanut butter cups.

Q: Granted, but suppose small screen silliness siren David Wain were in some kind of backwater where said snacks were not available, then what?
A: I suppose he could make do with a Butt-erfinger.

6:52 PM  

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