Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Modnesday, 6/26 (guest)

Rise/Shine, 2:00pm
Trader Joe's Chicken Chile Verde Burrito
Dole yellow cling diced peaches in light syrup Fruit Bowl
1.5 glasses of water

bottle of Arrowhead water

half a jar of Mott's Chunky Apple Sauce

glass of water
Trader Joe's capellini with Classico tomato and basil sauce, broccoli, and cheese salt
My standard and only method of pasta preparation is a modified version of "The DeWolfe." After boiling a medium pot of water, I add the capellini and a handful of frozen broccoli florets, which, helpfully, have identical prep times. I cook them to taste, then drain the water and pour the marinara sauce directly from the jar onto my plate of pasta and broccoli. The result: I can prepare and consume a very satisfying meal in less than fifteen minutes.

Dirty Pretty Things, 10:00pm
Starbucks Java Chip Ice Cream
two glasses of Honey Moon Viognier

Tub, midnight
one more glass of Honey Moon


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