Thursday, July 27, 2006

6th St. DC&MC

What an awful failure on my part to report this dinner! But, as we shall see, it was an act of culinary archaeology to sort it all out. Strach was chef, and what a feast it was.

The theme was Mystery. All courses were consummed blindfolded.

(Beforehand, I concoted a preprandial cocktail of (5) kiwis, (1.5) cucumbers, (2 slices) ginger, (juice of 1) lemon, and (1 bottle) Smirnoff, dubbed "Pastures of Wellington." I recommend this summer cooler, well blended with ice, with a thin slice of cucumber as garnish.)

Cocktail Appetizer
I guessed: Cheddar on toast
It was: Brie on toast

Salad Course:
I guessed: Spinach? With a thing?
It was: Arugula, with a soy sauce, seasmae seed, ginger, and vinegar as dressing.

Soup Course:
I guessed: Asparagus
It was: Zucchini with fresh thyme

I guessed: Too drunk to guess.
It was: Red snapper, beer poached, with cous cous and orange pepper.

I guessed: Bourbon and vanilla ice cream and pie
It was: Bourbon pie, with vanilla ice cream and toffee in a graham cracker crust.

Postprandial cocktail:
Salad dressing, lemonade, and vodka.


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