Thursday, July 27, 2006

This Week


Brownie -- I guess I just sort of ate brownies all day.

Naked Fish
2 Budweisers
Grilled tuna, plaintains, coconut rice
My uncle, who was visting, told me that Budweiser is a real working man's beer. I didn't think Naked Fish was very good, especially for the price.


Grilled cheese with tomato on some kind of whole wheat nut bread my sister likes -- This was a good grilled cheese.

Il Capriccio
Pinot Nero
Gnocchi with short ribs
Roasted duck, summer vegetables, polenta
A couple bites of a chocolate cake dessert with caramel ice cream

7.26.06, Back to New York

Roche Bros.' ready made spicy salmon roll and salmon and avocado roll

Holy Basil
Thai iced tea
Chicken pad see ew

Blue and Gold
Blue and golds

1 slice fresh mozz, tomato, basil

Coyote Ugly
On our way home I tried to get us to fight some guy who was standing outside of Coyote Ugly talking on his cellphone and giving us the finger and saying that this was his bar or something. Apparently I was most angry that he was talking on his cellphone.


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