Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Cijl: Monday

1 egg, over easy with sriracha sauce
2 hot dogs, no buns
1 glass of orange juice

UGO (see Warb’s post below)
1 spinach and garlic pizza (I custom ordered this pizza, hoping to roughly recreate a spinach slice from Noch’s. I sure didn't.)
A few bites of penne puttanesca (my favorite pasta dish. I always order a second lunch in case the first one sucks. Of course, if I had to pay for my own food I wouldn’t order lunch at all; I'd just fill up on almonds and dried mangoes.)

10 Blue Diamond Bold almonds, wasabi and soy sauce flavor (this is my second favorite break room snack.)
10 Blue Diamond Bold almonds, Maui onion and garlic flavor (this is my favorite.)
1 Coca-Cola Blak Carbonated Fusion Beverage (I like how this tastes like a less weird Malta Goya.)
1 pint of carrot juice from Jamba Juice (I order a carrot juice every day. Then I put it in the freezer and drink it when it’s really cold because I don’t like the taste of carrot juice.)

KATE MANTILINI (As seen in Heat)
Asparagus with spicy grain mustard
Rigatoni with ratatouille, Andouille sausage, and wild rocket
Some ice cream with butterscotch topping
Some warm chocolate pecan pie

About 4 liters of water


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